Zynga IPO, Zuckerberg On The Middle East And Regulation, MacBooks Earn Top Marks, And More…

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Zynga’s Imminent IPO

FarmVille and social-gaming sensation Zynga will file its paperwork with the SEC “as early as this week, or next week at the latest,” according to The Wall Street Journal. If LinkedIn’s wild IPO success is any indication, Zynga will likely price itself around a gazillion dollars.

Zuckerberg At eG8

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg offered some rare insights into his social views at his eG8 talk in Paris. He downplayed Facebook’s role in recent uprisings across the Middle East, saying it was more about the Internet in general than Facebook in specific. However, in a nod to Facebook’s influence, he strongly cautioned leaders that legal restrictions on Facebook in other areas would damage its ability to help users democratize governance. 

MacBooks Sweep Consumer Reports Reviews

Apple laptops took the highest honor in every category in a new Consumer Reports evaluation. Apple’s renewed focus on its PC line seems to be paying off, and consumers can expect even more speed upgrades for their somewhat-forgotten MacBook Air line this Summer.

AT&T Slowly Rolls Out LTE

Just 5 cities will test out AT&T’s fast mobile broadband service this summer. In comparison, AT&T’s competitor, Verizon, rolled out to 38 markets, serving more than 110 million users. Preliminary testing shows that AT&T’s LTE is faster than Verizon’s, but the real test will be if can sustain–or come close–that speed in reality, given the volume of smartphone data junkies.

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